Film School: Centre-Framing in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Film School: Centre-Framing in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Weaponising composition, colour, and editing to create story.

Cuts every 1.8 seconds, frenetic movement, multiple threads – and yet you can always follow the action. Vashi Nedomansky‘s video analysis reveals the secret – the action is always in the middle of the frame, so your eye never has to wander:

Jorge Luengo Ruiz cuts together a bunch of the film’s push-ins, pull-outs and fast-motion shots:

Fandor breaks down the film’s stunning colour palette (going, funnily enough, in the opposite direction to director George Miller):

This is what the director shot. He might have intended something else, but this is what I feel about this footage.

Margaret Sixel to NPR

In this 5-minute clip, editor Margaret Sixel‘s chat to NPR is revealing about both Fury Road and film editing more universally:

Further Viewing

Maria Lewis‘ glorious thread spans everything from the bananas production to the powerfully feminist significance of Fury Road (alternatively, here it is in reader form):

Behind-the-scenes, pre-CGI Fury Road production Mad-ness (via Reconsidering Cinema):

Will Ross‘s thread elaborates on the centre-framing technique, explaining axial cuts and visual landmarks – these are just some highlights:

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