Film School: How to Pitch Deck

How to Communicate Your Ideas: Guide to Pitch Decks | Mark Bone How to Communicate Your Ideas: Guide to Pitch Decks | Mark Bone

A guide to creating one of the most effective tools for communicating, or even selling, your film idea.

Documentarian Mark Bone offers tips from his experience of pitching ideas using decks, using simple tools like slideshow creators, including a case study of scoring a beer commercial for which he “wasn’t necessarily the most qualified”:

Mark’s tips:

  1. Identify the question your film will answer
  2. Explain the adventure using visual references
  3. Describe how it will be achieved technically and logistically
  4. Keep your pitch short – assume you need to reduce by at least 30%. Leave the audience hanging, so they’ll hopefully ask questions – a lecture isn’t as engaging as a conversation

As part of his successful pitch, Mark even pre-shot the beer ad, and he includes a side-by-side with the finished product:

Film School: How to Pitch Deck

Further Viewing

Part of a pitch deck is outlining the visual approach, which can often comprise references gathered from other films, shows, photographers, and artists. Here are some techniques for getting your crew and yourself on the same page ahead of production:

Beyond the pitch deck are all sorts of ways to pre-viz (pre-visualise, or make your movie before you make, your movie). YouTuber-turned-Hollywood-director-and-still-YouTuber David F. Sandberg shares his personal tips for Communicating Your Vision as a Director:

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