Review: Zombieland (2009)

While not quite up there with Shaun of the Dead, the two would make a fine double-feature. Actually, Shaun… plus the Zombieland‘s title sequence is the real double-bill.

Is the “We Wantum Your Wampum” scene tone-deaf or spot-on? I understand that the scene where the characters trash the Kemo Sabe souvenir shop is, on its surface, simply “blowing off steam”, but the choice of location is interesting. Ok, so they’re destroying items appropriated from a terrorised, mass-murdered indigenous people, but the imagery is still of those items (drums, pots, beads, small trinkets) being thoughtlessly tossed around by four white people. For every shot with a cowboy mannequin being tomahawk’d, there’s one of a white girl running around in headdress.

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