Film School: Where are the Women Directors?

Film School: Where are the Women Directors?

Documentaries looking at the under-representation of females behind the camera.

Of the top-grossing 600 films between 2007-2013, only 1.9% were directed by women… and ~14% of TV.

A quick primer on these statistics can be found in Simon Cade‘s video essay Filmmakers Have to be MALE (for his channel DSLRGuide, a helpful resource particularly for beginner film makers):

“I made $400 million for a studio on a $37 million budget … for my next movie, I got paid less.”

Catherine Hardwick (Twilight)

“I was nominated for an oscar, and I had the follow-up feature that won awards… but when you keep hitting walls when you shouldn’t be… it all makes no sense to you anymore”

Lexi Alexander (Green Street Hoolgans, Punisher: War Zone)

Cade’s video includes clips from director Victoria Hochberg‘s documentary Celluloid Ceilings: Women Directors Speak Out, which feature some eye-opening accounts from directors of hugely successful Hollywood blockbusters – directors who happen to be women (via Bloomberg):

“We Should Not Call It ‘The Kuleshov Effect”

“In early cinema, most editors were women. Why would you name something lots of women editors were doing after one man who observed them doing it?” Dr Karen Pearlman asks in Cutting Rhythms – Intuitive Film Editing. In her discussion with This Guy Edits, Dr Pearlman asserts that naming it solely after Kuleshov “erases the work of a whole lot of editors, many of whom were women“. Here’s a roundup of videos about this:

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