Industry: Where are the Women Directors?

Of the top-grossing 600 films between 2007-2013, only 1.9% were directed by women… and¬†~14% of TV.

A quick primer on these statistics can be found in Simon Cade‘s video essay “Filmmakers Have to be MALE” (for his channel DSLRGuide, a helpful resource particularly for beginner film makers).

Cade’s video includes clips from the documentary¬†“Celluloid Ceilings: Women Directors Speak Out“, which feature some eye-opening accounts from directors of hugely successful Hollywood blockbusters – directors who happen to be women:

“I made $400 million for a studio on a $37 million budget … for my next movie, I got paid less.”
– Catherine Hardwick (Twilight)

“I was nominated for an oscar, and I had the follow-up feature that won awards… but when you keep hitting walls when you shouldn’t be… it all makes no sense to you anymore”
– Lexi Alexander (Green Street Hoolgans, Punisher: War Zone)

Watch the full documentary, directed by Victoria Hochberg, here:

(via Bloomberg)