Film School: When American Editing Changed

Bonnie and Clyde (1967) Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

“Countless male directors… owe their success, in part, to a brilliant female editor.”

… says Jack Nugent of Now You See It, in his look at game-changing work of editors such as Dede Allen (Bonnie & Clyde, Dog Day Afternoon), (all of Scorsese‘s films since Raging Bull) and (all of Tarantino‘s movies up to Inglorious Basterds):

In a separate video, Jack examines the significance of Dede Allen’s editing in Bonnie & Clyde (1967):

Further Viewing

That analysis of Bonnie & Clyde also figures in our roundup of videos discussing the French New Wave.

Also: Dede Allen was (un-)credited with inventing the L-Cut and J-Cut, which has since become foundational in film and video editing. Here’s a demonstration of what it is and how to do it, via This Guy Edits (more detail on this and other fundamental editing tips here):