Film School: Video Essays – part 2

kaptainkristian | Frank Ocean - Musical Identity kaptainkristian | Frank Ocean - Musical Identity

The Fluidity of Editing Without Cuts.

kaptainkristian pulls together an eclectic range of visual elements – ink drawings, paintings, photographs, press clippings, vector graphics and more:

Almost all the visual elements are themselves static, but they are constantly moving around (and meticulously masking) one another, in an ever-evolving landscape:

Another technique of kaptainkristian’s is to mask out the background of photos, which allows him to situate his subjects in ever-shifting environments: graphic, textual, textural:

It’s easy to see Lessons from the Screenplay as essentially a slide show – but there’s actually a tremendous amount of understated craft and consideration in its presentation style. The care and detail given to the transitions between “slides”, and the refinement of the visual aesthetics, creates seamless movement from point to point, and from scene to scene:

Further Viewing

More techniques for moving between static assets in ways which are more visually fluid and engaging:

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