Film School: The Look of ‘Loki’ (Season 1, 2021)

Loki (series, 2021-) Loki (series, 2021-)

A scrapbook of the stunning visuals in the first season of the Marvel series.

First, an appreciation of the work of cinematographer Autumn Durald Arkapaw throughout the series:

The interesting stylistic choice, and the commitment to it, to be constantly looking up at the characters, to include the lighting (and ceilings?) in almost every shot:

Then there’s the colour story throughout the series:

The gorgeous retro production design (fun fact: the TVA building is a real-life library – including those elevators! How is it not used in everything all the time?):

The retro animation style of the motion design explainers:

Further Viewing

Ahead of Season 2, Marvel’s Loki Season 1 Recap showcases the series’ stunning cinematography, the show’s stylish VFX, and some fantastic editing:

Good-looking? Yes. Charming-as-Hel lead? Yes. Do we nonetheless want #JusticeForSylvie? Yes, we do.

In Depth Cine examines the cinematography style of Autumn Durald Arkapaw:

More from Autumn Durald and other cinematographers on recreating sunlight:

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