Audio School: Synthesis, from Fundamentals to Advanced

How To Design Subtractive Synthesis Sound | How To Design Subtractive Synthesis Sound |

Learn synthesizer sound design, from basic to advanced, with these two-and-a-bit tutorials.

In part one, In The Mix comprehensively runs through Basic Waveforms, Additive and Subtractive Synthesis, Unison, Filters, Envelopes (ADSR), LFOs, and FX Processors in this guide to Sound Design and Synth Fundamentals:

Before moving on to part 2, perhaps a quick refresher – Andrew Huang‘s amazing, 4 Minute Introduction to FM synthesis:

Part two, Advanced Sound Design and Synths Tutorial, covers FM Synthesis, Envelopes, LFOs/Gates, learning new Synths /Analog Synths, and in which order to use effects:

Ready for More?

Dive into what many consider the more complicated form, with this Intro to FM Synthesis:

Intro to Modular Synthesis looks at combining different devices, or modules, to create all kinds of sounds:

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