Audio School: Intro to Modular Synthesis

VCV Rack VCV Rack

Explainers and interactive tools for learning to create sounds from interacting devices.

First up, Andrew Huang gives us Modular Synthesis Explained:

Look Mum No Computer‘s madcap presentation style is eclipsed only by his absolute love of modular synthesis, as evidenced in his guest presentation at the excellent Point Blank Music School:

Still a little unclear on what those boxes are doing? Still having trouble following the connections between cables and the noises they produce? In a style perhaps less animated but no less accessible, Modular Landing builds a patch, step-by-step, and explains each step in clear, simple terms:

Try It Yourself

VCV Rack is a free, virtual modular synth – download the desktop app, and begin combining modules to see what sounds you can create:

Audio School: Intro to Modular Synthesis
VCV Rack

Need to go Back to Basics?

Intro to Synthesis offers easy-to-follow resources introducing the concepts of synthesis:

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