Film School: Storyboard to Film

Film School: Storyboard to Film

A unique insight into the film production process.

Glass Distortion has created these wonderful side-by-side comparison videos, which show storyboards alongside finished film sequences, with excerpts from the script.

The result: a unique insight into the production process, where changes, subtle or significant, hint at the kinds of choices made along the way, or simply highlight the different types of concepts each format (script, storyboard, film) is able to suggest and convey.

The Empire Strikes Back‘s storyboard is transformed here into an animatic, which suggests the final sequence stuck pretty close to its original storyboard – certainly in terms of framing:

The Dark Knight‘s camera angles seem to have become even more strictly or conventionally shot/reverse-shot by the final shoot:

No Country For Old Men remains almost unchanged through each stage, making the slight differences in framing feel like meticulous fine-tunings of an already clearly previs’d sequence:

Further Viewing

Thomas Flight outlines lessons that can be taken from director Bong Joon Ho‘s detailed storyboards for his meticulous film, Parasite (2019):

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