Review: Star Trek (2009)

Review: Star Trek (2009)

JJ’s name automatically promises eye candy at the very least, and entertainment at most.

I personally am not bothered by the lens flare action in this that folks made so much noise about. Maybe my attention was held too well by how pretty everyone in it was – and I love the way the camera moves in this film. Since I’m not a Trekkie, I’m probably not qualified to talk about how effective, valid or respectful a reboot this may be. But the fact that it brought me, a non-Trekkie, to see it (more than once) means, in a commercial sense at least, it’s probably doing its job as a reboot. At least as far as internal logic and emotional satisfaction goes, the hand-off from an original cast member and its time-travel, history-rewriting premise was a fresh way to do it – at least, I thought so until X Men: Days of Future Past

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“Humility is how we access our humanity which is how we access our hope,” opines American Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, special guest on Cinema Therapy‘s discussion of Star Trek‘s theme of working together through differences:

Yeah, people were really bugged by this…

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