Film School: Sound Supercuts

Marie Havemann | Marie Havemann |

A collection of collections, showcasing the sound design of feature films.

Diegetic sound (i.e. sound from an on-screen source, or sound in the reality of the scene) is world all its own – as these video essays demonstrate.

As part of her video series 1.000.000 Frames, Candice Drouet‘s engaging supercut collects sounds across the films of Stanley Kubrick:

This stunning promotion for A Quiet Place (2018) showcases the film’s sound design (via Amazon Prime Video):

Jacob T. Swinney cuts, slices, chops, and crunches together sights & sounds across Quentin Tarantino‘s filmography (warning: this one, while great, is also graphically, viscerally violent):

Further Listening

The sound of silence is as important as, if not more important than, any in film: in a longer-form installment of her video essay series, Candice Drouet shows us just how much there is to hear when there’s “nothing” to hear in film:

A roundup of video essays about sound design in feature films: