Film School: Sound Design

Image via Nerdwriter "See With Your Ears: Spielberg And Sound Design"

Film students should ask: “What do your ears see?”

It’s difficult to say what’s more tremendous: the way tension is crafted in this scene from Steven Spielberg‘s Munich (2005), or this deconstruction of said scene by Nerdwriter:

Nerdwriter looks at the sound design of magic across the Harry Potter movies:

Then there are of course the techniques pioneered by influential editor and sound designer, Walter Murch (once again, via Nerdwriter):

Don’t just pay attention to the sound – pay attention to what that sound is trying to say

Sound Design: Lying To Your Ears‘ – Now You See It

Now You See It looks at films which use sound design to create noises, for things such as eye blinks and camera moves, which don’t even exist:

Further viewing

Here’s a video essay from another master of the form, kaptainkristian, on Munich sound designer Ben Burtt‘s work on another little film you may have heard of

There’s actually a ton of short clips of video interviews with Ben Burtt – here’s a YouTube mix containing a bunch of them (via The Oscars, Eyes on Cinema and more):

Try It Yourself

MAKE. ART. NOW‘s Josh Yeo has some fun with random (and increasingly brutal?) sound effects:

… and then takes us through his workflow of building the sound design for a video sequence: