Film School: Sound Design

Image via Nerdwriter "See With Your Ears: Spielberg And Sound Design"

Film students should ask: “What do your ears see?”

It’s difficult to say what’s more tremendous: the way tension is crafted in this scene from Steven Spielberg’s Munich (2005), or this deconstruction of said scene by Nerdwriter:

Nerdwriter looks at the sound design of magic across the Harry Potter movies:

Then there are of course the techniques pioneered by influential editor and sound designer, Walter Murch:

Further viewing

Here’s a video essay from another master of the form, kaptainkristian, on Munich sound designer Ben Burtt‘s work on another little film you may have heard of

There’s actually a ton of short clips of video interviews with Ben Burtt – here’s a YouTube mix containing a bunch of them (via The Oscars, Eyes on Cinema and more):

Try It Yourself

MAKE. ART. NOW‘s Josh Yeo takes us through his workflow of building the sound design for a video sequence: