Film School: Sound Design Tricks

'7 Sound Design tricks in 4 Minutes' | Make.Art.Now '7 Sound Design tricks in 4 Minutes' | Make.Art.Now

Create your own sound effects, with household items and a couple of clicks.

Processing his recordings in Adobe Premiere Pro (but really, any decent audio software will do), MAKE. ART. NOW‘s Josh Yeo has some fun with random (and increasingly brutal?) sound effects:

… and then takes us through his workflow of building the sound design for a video sequence:

We’re mainly interested in just the first three-and-a-half minutes of this next video. While Andrew Huang‘s tricks (particularly warp) are more specific to Albeton Live, certain tricks such as envelopes, pitch-shifting and time=stretching can also be found in most decent audio apps:

How about making an explosion using just the mic on your phone? Although coming from a computer game background, the sound elements Marshall McGee identifies – transient, body and tail – which go into making a “satisfying” sound can be applied to any world of sound, including film and music:

Want more from Marshall? Here he explores sound design for Anime and Games:

Get Inspired

Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola’s epic films are what they are because of sound designers Walter Murch and Ben Burtt – so learn to see with your ears: