Film School: Keanu Reeves’ Documentary about Film vs Digital

Keanu Reeves asks some of the world’s best-known filmmakers about shooting on film vs digital in documentary Side by Side (2012).

The format is simple: A-list Hollywood star interviews A-list Hollywood directors and cinematographers to weigh in on the debate: do they prefer shooting on film, or shooting digital video, and why? Purists versus futurists, aesthetics versus practicality, ideology versus ideology.

Presumably because it’s Keanu Reeves asking the questions, the filmmakers he’s able to draw answers from are top-notch: Martin Scorcese, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Steven Soderbergh, James Cameron, David Lynch, Barry Levinson, Danny Boyle and the Wachowskis… their insights are as interesting as they are diverse.

Here are some clips, but I highly recommend seeking out the full documentary.

It’s a documentary about the science, art and impact of digital cinema.

Keanu Reeves, Side by Side