Review: Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island (2010) Shutter Island (2010)

With guest reviewer, and the person who taught me how to watch movies:

Fan of Scorsese, Hitchcock & M. Night, with whom we still play “Where do you know that actor from?” when watching movies together to this day, shares her thoughts on Shutter Island:

Shutter Island | Mawinder Review | part 1
Shutter Island | Mawinder Review | part 1
Shutter Island | Mawinder Review | part 2
Shutter Island | Mawinder Review | part 2

My Ma: reporting to you after watching Scorsese‘s Shutter Island. Very confusing, not sure I understood it at all, as i cannot tell if the marshall was right or imagining or if he was the victim🤔😕🙄

Me: I think you’re not supposed to be sure… a lot of ppl think it’s Scorsese’s version of Hitchcock. You’re the Hitchcock expert though – what do you think?

Ma: Even hitch wouldn’t know how to end this one. I asked you first, what do you say?

Me: i didn’t get it either. i mean, i understand it, but to me it’s less Hitchcock and more Twilight Zone – or the opposite of M. Night Shyamalan, in his movies the “twist” is that it wasn’t just in someone’s head, that the supernatural explanation is true.

Ma: I think Leo was a patient as we watch him recalling that his wife drowned their children, he shot her, couldn’t cope with the dark reality & was imprisoned & treated on the island. He walks to the lighthouse at the end, where he was going to be oberated on to totally fry his brain.

Me: yes – i think like me, you understand it, but don’t get it. As in: it’s not really like Hitchcock at all; and it’s Scorsese with all these wonderful actors, but the end result for me is a bit… forgettable?

Ma: 👍👍✔✔

Me: hey ma: can i use this conversation in my movie review website?

Ma: Sure, i didn’t think it was good enough review, but I was surely disappointed that Scorsese did not know how to end this, so it was wrapped up abruptly because it had to end !!!
Ma: Great cast though

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