Review: Searching For Sugar Man (2012)

Review: Searching For Sugar Man (2012)

There may be a better documentary about this film’s documentarians.

It took me so long to finally watch this movie – mainly because it was initially only recommended to me by friends who thought I should see it “as a musician”. It was sold to me as yet another “See? It all worked out in the end” story – one kind of story i have a big problem with.

When I finally was convinced to see it, it was by friends who completely rejected that interpretation of the story. And, after seeing it, I agree: it’s not an “Anvyl“-type doco about the struggling musician who finally makes good. The film doesn’t laugh at its subject – if anything, it lauds him a little too much.

And yes, it is an interesting story in part – funnily enough, the part without Rodriguez in it. The effect of Rodriguez is far more inspiring than the man – which is fair enough – but maybe there’s a better movie in that: a documentary about the documentarians, specifically about the power of fandom and mythologising to swell, perhaps distort, but in very real ways affect lives.

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