Film School: How to Screenplay

Film School: How to Screenplay

Guides on how, and to understanding why, to format your script.

Tyler Mowery outlines How to Format a Screenplay (and more at his Screenwriting Masterclass playlist):

Anatomy of a Screenplay — Movie Script Format Explained (And Why It Matters) (via StudioBinder):

Set the Perfect Scene by Mastering Scene Headings (via Allen Wrote On):

Jason Hellerman has compiled a detailed guide to screenplay formatting, which covers everything from basic elements to indent sizes, over at No Film School.

StudioBinder again, this time on How to Intercut Scenes in a Script:

Further Viewing

Some helpful watch-outs – Ellen Brock outlines 25 Mistakes that Peg You as an Amateur Writer:

Insight into the blockbuster screenwriting process – and why it’s troubling:

Before the actual screenwriting part, there’s usually the outlining part. One approach is the Beat Sheet (sometimes referred to as Save the Cat)…

… while another, more often associated with sitcoms, is the Story Circle:

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