Audio School: Recording Live Music

Recording Acoustic Guitar Recording Acoustic Guitar

Behind-the-scenes of how NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts are captured.

As part of NPR‘s call out to music artists and bands to apply to play live as part of their Tiny Desk Concert series, sound recordist Josh Rogosin demonstrates how he captures concerts. This first video is about mic placement and audio capture for acoustic and electric instruments, such as piano, guitar and bass, in tight spaces:

This second video is specifically about Recording Drums At The Tiny Desk using only one, two, or three mics (sidenote: this involves one of the clearest – and cutest – explanations of phase cancellation):

Further Viewing

Notice in that explanation about phase cancellation the drawing of waveforms? Well, they’re what all sound is made of – and a great way to learn about how they work (and even how to create sounds from scratch) is with a short intro to synthesis:

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