Film School: Projector Lighting Effects

'Three Ways to Light with Projectors' | Aputure 'Three Ways to Light with Projectors' | Aputure

A roundup of techniques for in-camera visual effects, and where and how they might be used.


What You Need to Know About Projector Effects in Three Minutes (via Aputure):

Music Video

Three Unique Projection Effects You Should Know (via Aputure):

Cinematography Effects for Music Videos (via Film Riot):

How To Make A Pro Music Video With Only A White Wall & Lighting (via YC Imaging):

Fashion Portraiture

Three Ways to Light with Projectors (via Aputure):

Two Projector Portrait Projects with photographer Gavin Hoey (via Adorama):

Try It Yourself

Amongst Captured by Sam‘s goofy delivery, you’ll find Five Tips You Need To Know Before Trying Projector Photography, including:

  • supplement your primary light source (the projector) with a secondary light source
  • use an adjustable stand for the projector
  • create simple shape designs, on location
  • co-ordinate wardrobe with backgrounds, especially colour

Further Viewing

Lighting the subject isn’t the only way to use projection – rear projection, a technique as old as cinema itself, opens up a world of possibilities for in-camera visual effects:

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