Film School: VFX in Premiere Pro

VFX in Premiere Pro | Cinecom VFX in Premiere Pro | Cinecom

Ideas and tutorials for creating visual effects Adobe Premiere Pro.

Creating visual effects in Adobe has traditionally been the exclusive domain of After Effects. However, Premiere Pro is gaining an increasing number of added features for effects and transitions. Cinecom has a series of videos about working with blending, effects and transitions specifically in Premiere Pro.


Some creative uses of blending modes:


To keep it under 5 minutes, they run through these fun VFX tricks super fast:

… and some more fun VFX ideas, because why not:

… and five more, because also why not:


While effects are applied to clips, transitions can connect clips – and, if used carefully, can create some dynamic results:

Stabilization Effect

Cinecom demonstrates their technique for the Locked-On Stabilization Effect

… and Javier Mercedes demonstrates his way too:

Further Viewing

From time-saving shortcuts for tools you already use, to more obscure functions you may not have known were available, Javier Mercedes runs through a bunch of ways to work with effects in Premiere Pro:

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