Film School: Premiere Pro Workflow

Edit Fast (via BuffNerds) Edit Fast (via BuffNerds)

A roundup of more advanced tips and tricks for video editing.

Paper Edit

No video resource for this one, just a tip that may seem counter-intuitive, but will almost always make the entire edit better:

  1. watch all the footage – outside of Premiere Pro
  2. log your Ins & Outs (the timecodes of the clips you want to use) with a pen and paper
  3. write each clip, or even draw little thumbnails, on post-it notes
  4. arrange everything in order. You’ve now already done most of your edit before even touching Premiere Pro
Film School: Premiere Pro Workflow

Ways to Edit Faster

While the first few of Parker Walbeck‘s tips for how to edit 10x Faster in Premiere Pro are gear-specific, the rest are more to do with managing resources – including your own workload and attention span – which can make up for not having the latest or “best” equipment for editing, in whatever software:

Side-note: Parker’s tutorial also demonstrates that good editing is good storytelling. There’s not a single wasted frame here: Parker crams an abundance of valuable information into a proportionately short runtime, by communicating thoughtfully and efficiently. I wish more YouTube “tutorials” optimized their content for their chosen medium as effectively, or even bothered with, you know, a script. Ok, end of rant.

Further Viewing

If, like me, you appreciate Parker’s approach (as, evidently, Adobe does), here’s his 8 Step Editing Process, from start to finish, in Premiere Pro:

  1. import and prep
  2. sift & select
  3. build the story
  4. colour correct
  5. colour grade
  6. sound design
  7. titles & extras
  8. export settings

Ultimately, the software is just a tool, and mastering how to edit is only half the story – learning to understand why to edit, what to look for, what you’re trying to achieve, and how to achieve it, gives meaning to both the process and the end product:

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