Film School: Effects in Premiere Pro

Applying Effects In Premiere Pro | Javier Mercedes Applying Effects In Premiere Pro | Javier Mercedes

Tips for working with effects while editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

From time-saving shortcuts for things you already do, to more obscure functions you may not have known were available, Javier Mercedes runs through a bunch of ways to work with effects in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Many of these features have previously been found only in After Effects, so these tips are as revealing as they are helpful, including: applying and removing attributes across multiple clips, adding motion blur, applying film overlays, muting Global FX, motion tracking masks, adjusting effects in master clips, default transitions, and saving effect presets:

SonduckFilm demonstrates Matte Track Graphics, Glitch Motion Graphics, Shape Transition, and Line Graphics – Motion Techinques all using Premiere Pro:

Further Viewing

Cinecom has a series of videos specifically about working with blending, effects and transitions in Premiere Pro, and looks at some of the features mentioned above in separate videos, which we’ve collected here:

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