Review: Passing (2021)

Review: Passing (2021)

Exquisitely, achingly crafted.

Actor Rebecca Hall‘s directorial debut is just so beautiful, from the very obviously personal and loving connection to the source material, to its extraordinary leads Tessa Thompson, Ruth Negga, and André Holland, captured, composed, and presented as captivatingly as they are.

“You should teach the eye to listen before it sees” – Rebecca Hall quotes photographer Gordon Parks, as she reveals the ways lens choice and sound design contribute to the tone and tension of Passing (via Vanity Fair):

For me, there’s no better review of – or entry point to – Passing than the many wonderful and insightful discussions with its director and leads (via A Film Independent):

Variety speaks to the film’s director and stars about the source material’s exploration of the ways not only race, but also sexuality, marriage, and motherhood are “performative”:

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