Film School: Working with Natural Light

The Last Song (2010) The Last Song (2010)

A roundup of tutorials about working with only natural or available light.

First up: a couple of tutorials from documentarian and cinematographer Mark Bone. He first demonstrates how he uses the sun to backlight his subjects (or “lighting upstage”):

… and then how he uses natural 45 degree lighting in a interview situations:

Indy Mogul and guest Casey McBeath use cheap materials to tame super-bright direct sunlight into first a manageable, and ultimately a flattering, exposure:

Cinematographer and one-man-crew Danny Gevirtz also tames the sun, and uses it to help him compose his shot:

Cinecom offers five more tips for shooting in hard sunlight:

Austen Paul demonstrates creating a high end commercial look only using natural light:

Further Viewing

Still not sure what’s meant by terms like “sidelight” or “backlight”? Check out our look at Media Division’s handy breakdown of Cinematic Lighting: