Review: Must Love Dogs (2005)

Must Love Dogs (2005) Must Love Dogs (2005)


At what point exactly does the audience stop relating to an extraordinarily attractive middle-aged divorcée (Diane Lane), whose love life is main topic of conversation of her almost creepily supportive family, who’s been dating two handsome men (John Cusack and Dermot Mulroney), is embarrassed that she’s been caught out by one and furious that she’s caught the other one sleeping around, and is yelling at her widower father (Christopher Plummer), who’s in a consenting polyamorous situation with three age-appropriate women (including Stockard Channing), that older men dating younger women is what’s really wrong with society?

The real crime isn’t that this all-star cast is wasted on a mess of a script they should have collectively wiped their asses with; it isn’t even that the protagonist is a genuinely awful person with erratic tendencies; it’s the hairstyles they inflict on Diane Lane for each of her dates. Yeesh.

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