Film School: The Infographics of Vox

Film School: The Infographics of Vox

Inspiring techniques for creative, engaging video reporting.

So here’s a challenge: the subject is a font, and the discussion is historical, with little-to-no video footage. This result combines static graphics, appropriate Wes Anderson-style desktop live action, and voice-over narration into a scrapbook-style montage with, crucially, brisk editing:

In this piece, animation is used to ease the viewer into conceptually dense infographics by allowing them to unfold, step by step, over time – and the voice-over says what the visuals cannot, and vice-versa:

More complex data, more detailed infographics, more layered motion design: this video breaks down the US military-industrial complex, via one case study, in 7 minutes.

Beyond infographics, Vox videos feature other motion design techniques, which we examine here.

Watch more from Vox on YouTube.

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