Audio School: Mixing

Audio Mixing Audio Mixing

A roundup of introductory video explainers.

With a focus on music, Joe Gilder from Home Studio Corner visualizes his 4 Rules of #Mixing:

While this next collection focuses on dialogue editing more specifically, the videos go into more detail on the concepts discussed above individually, including EQ and Compression:

Back to music: Grammy-winning, platinum-selling engineer Bob Power (D’Angelo, De La Soul, Erykah Badu, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Macy Gray) talks through his mixing process for neo soul and hip hop at MixCon 2017 (via Sonic Scoop):

Multi-platinum producer/mixing engineer Lu Diaz (Jay-Z, Beyoncé, DJ Khaled, Pitbull) talks through his 4 Golden Rules to Mixing Hip Hop Vocals (via Waves Audio):

Further Viewing

After mixing comes mastering – here’s a series of videos offering concise overviews and walkthroughs of the mastering process:

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