Film School: Lighting with Mirrors

DLH4 & dedolight Lightstream (image source: DedoWeigertFilm) DLH4 & dedolight Lightstream (image source: DedoWeigertFilm)

Potentially eliminate the need for (not to mention the cost of) additional lighting equipment such as flags, screens and gags?

The Lightstream System is demonstrated here with specially designed mirrors by its proprietors, Dedolight:

Bringing things down to a mode budget-friendly level, Caleb Pike demonstrates lighting with mirrors, using cheap materials and household hacks:

Sticking with cheaper alternatives, here are five mirror lighting tips from Cinecom:

Further Viewing

Back to the original Lightstream system, here’s a case study product demonstration:

And to give a clearer overview, here’s a product demonstration, in miniature (via Lightbridge):