Film School: The Motion Mind of Kevin McGloughlin

Kevin McGloughlin | Max Cooper - Waves Kevin McGloughlin | Max Cooper - Waves

Let’s try to guess what’s going on in this artist’s mind-bending, next-level motion design.

I can only guess at the techniques – and, frankly, the thought processes – behind Kevin McGloughlin‘s stunning visuals. There’s clearly a level of play, experimentation and ultimate craft which transcends mere software or technology, but rather is conceived and expressed within the native language of the tools and concepts of motion design.

Vector Shapes

Max Cooper – Waves (Official Video) – the basic concept of “nesting and repetition” does not begin to do justice to the geometric harmony evidenced here:

Max Cooper & Tom Hodge – Symmetry:

Layered Video Footage

Repetition – Max Cooper – one technique is named in the very title; but there’s clearly also an incredible amount of painstaking shape-masking going on here:

Photo Montage

Let’s assume there’s some scripting or algorithms determining the motion paths of these nested & repeated photographic images – along with blending modes used to overlay the images so seamlessly… in no way does that lessen the spellbinding magic of the results:

Stefano Lentini – Suite After the Furies:

Lose Control – Shit Robot feat Nancy Whang:

The Other McGloughlin

Then there’s Páraic McGloughlin, whose portfolio also includes music videos for Max Cooper, and whose work features its own brain-melting brand of photo montage, which seems to be painstakingly collated, organised and sequenced according to visual composition. So… relation?

More on Vimeo | Kevin McGloughlinPáraic McGloughlin

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