Review: Mandalorian (series, 2019-)

The Mandalorian (2019) The Mandalorian (2019)

The best Star Wars property since Empire… also kinda ruins it.

I love this show, but I’m about to ruin it for you.

Let’s first establish that The Empire Strikes Back (1980) is not only the best Star Wars film, it’s the most important in introducing a bunch of the paradigms and lore that each subsequent property in the franchise has either picked apart or strip-mined for their entire premise. And one of the biggest introductions in that film: Jedi Master Yoda.

The Mandalorian introduces Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda in 'The Mandalorian'
Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian

Cute as he may be, Baby Yoda undermines the entire premise of Master Yoda – and one of the central themes of the Star Wars original trilogy – with a wave of his little hand.

In Empire…, Master Yoda teaches Luke Skywalker that training and discipline are required to develop, master, and earn Jedi powers – literally mind over matter.

Baby Yoda, however, is just born with them – which suggests Yoda’s entire species is naturally, exceptionally strong with the Force. Being naturally endowed with strong force powers means Yoda never experienced earning them – so who is he to talk about training for them?

So Yoda’s story ceases to be about hard work and determination, and instead becomes one about exceptionalism.

And so, with the wave of three little fingers, Baby Yoda single-handedly (literally) takes away the… well, takeaway of Star Wars for generations of fans.

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