Film School: Madonna X David Fincher

Madonna X David Fincher Madonna X David Fincher

How the pop star and the director changed music, film, and popular culture together.

In contrast with random action and editing in most modern pop music videos, Patrick H. Willems‘ case study of Madonna’s music videos highlights the meticulous, considered film-making of director David Fincher & The Craft of Music Videos:

In many of her creations across various artistic media, including her music videos with director David Fincher, Be Kind Rewind examines the artistic choices, sexual politics, and cultural impact of How Madonna References Classic Films:

Further Viewing

A roundup of video essays on what we can learn from the director’s motivated camera and editing techniques, and how they create more connections between actor, story, and viewer:

More insight into Fincher’s choices, via his commentary of the deleted and alternate scenes in this featurette on the making of Seven (1995):

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