Film School: Limited Animation – part 2

Lucy Dyson | The Orbweavers 'Poison Garden' Lucy Dyson | The Orbweavers 'Poison Garden'

Examples of motion design in music videos, explainers and VFX.

Lucy Dyson – Collage Music Video

The music videos of Lucy Dyson use nesting, repetition and shape masks to evoke handmade collage and low-fi, stop-motion animation (for more, here’s a deeper dive into Lucy’s work and techniques):

Estelle Caswell – Vox

Estelle Caswell combines handmade, digital, graphic and typographic elements to create mixed-media explainer videos for Vox (and we take a look at more of her and others’ videos fox Vox over here):

… oh, and Estelle isn’t the only great motion designer creating for Vox – here’s a look at more of their information design videos.

Julie Taymor – Frida (2002)

Director of film and musical theatre, and a fine artist herself, Julie Taymor‘s feature film portrait of painter Frida Kahlo features a wide range of striking experimental techniques, including live-action recreations of paintings, stop motion animation, and this montage, which composites green screen footage with print collage:

Kevin McGloughlin – Seamless Surrealism

Melt your brain viewing more of Kevin McGloughlin’s work here – but to get you started, here he is exploring the geometrical patterns of vector shapes (plus, we look at more examples of kevin McGloughlin’s work here):

Screens within Screens

This area is worthy of its own detailed study. Through compositing and motion tracking (more on that here), with careful planning during production, motion design elements can be added to live action footage, as explored here (again, via Vox):

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