Film School: Lens Effects

What are Lens Effects? | Indy Mogul 'What are Lens Effects? | Music Video Cinematography 101' | Indy Mogul

Create surreal, unique visuals and textures – in-camera, for next-to-no cost.

Ted from Indy Mogul asks Prism Lens FX‘s Jakob Owens, What are Lens Effects? | Music Video Cinematography 101

… and also asks Justin Jones to demonstrate 7 Practical Lens Effects (via Aputure):

Film Riot demonstrates cheaper, creative methods for Crazy Visuals with DIY Lens Filters:

Burke Cullinane shares his 7 BEST lens effects for Music Videos & Photography

… while Zach Ramelan shares his own $0 – practical lens effect:

And finally, YC Imaging digs into his own bag of tricks for Creating In-Camera Music Video Effects With $1 Items:

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