Review: Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out (2019) Knives Out (2019)

How satisfying to be in the hands of a writer/director who knows exactly what they’re doing – and to watch a stellar cast appreciating the hell out of that.

Rian Johnson‘s film making so thoughtful and tight, that every single shot / line / acting choice / prop / art direction / detail is there for a reason, either to set up or pay off, on more than one level. So satisfying. And Ana de Armas’s performance is even more wonderful to watch the second time around.

This ensemble is having a blast – and, one imagines, so too is the art department, and Johnson’s brother composing the masterful score. What a collection of people, things, and strings.

I went into this blind (no easy feat, with all the lead-up marketing and surrounding buzz), and I had as much of a ball with it as I did on the rewatch. I wish you the same – so I’ll say no more here after this: watch and enjoy.

Further Viewing – only after you’ve seen the movie!

Rian Johnson’s scene breakdown for Vanity Fair not only goes into detail about blocking, production design, and managing eyelines with an ensemble of players in the same scene, but also reveals all kinds of secrets – and not just about Knives Out

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