Film School: ‘Kidding”s One-Take Masterpiece

Kidding - One Take Scene Kidding - One Take Scene

Behind the scenes of a single-take montage – done completely in-camera.

Kidding - Michel Gondry, Jim Carrey

Director Michel Gondry is a king of conceiving practical effects and in-camera magic. His Showtime series Kidding, a re-pairing with his Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind star, Jim Carrey, features occasional opportunities for his trademark mind-bending, surrealist setpieces – but some are less noticeable than others:

Prop resetting, lighting cues, body doubles, meticulous choreography and rigorous rehearsal: all come together to create a fluid “time-lapse” (though no time actually lapses) “montage” (though it’s a single, unedited take) – and we get an amazing peek behind-the-scenes, in real time, of how it’s done and of the crew and work involved:

As commenters in the thread observe, technical crews rarely (if ever) get credit for their crucial role in the creation of the televisual:

Further Viewing

Gondry’s show-and-tell about production design – in which he creates Kidding‘s titles, by hand (via Deadline Hollywood):

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