Film School: ‘Kidding’s One-Take Masterpiece

Kidding - One Take Scene Kidding - One Take Scene

Behind the scenes of a single-take montage – done completely in-camera.

Kidding - Michel Gondry, Jim Carrey
Kidding – Michel Gondry, Jim Carrey

Director Michel Gondry is a king of conceiving in-camera visual effects. His Showtime series Kidding, a re-pairing with past collaborator Jim Carrey, features occasional opportunities for his trademark mind-bending, surrealist setpieces – but some are less noticeable than others, as this clip shows.

Prop resetting, lighting cues, body doubles, meticulous choreography and rigorous rehearsal: all come together to create a fluid “time-lapse” (though no time actually lapses) “montage” (though it’s a single, unedited take) – and we get an amazing peek behind-the-scenes, in real time, of how it’s done and of the crew and work involved.

As commenters in the thread observe, technical crews rarely (if ever) get credit for their crucial role in the creation of the televisual: