Film School: A Clockwork Jackie Brown (1997)

This fan re-edit reveals the clockwork precision of Tarantino’s film-making.

A linear reconstruction of a Tarantino movie should be the filmic equivalent of explaining a joke. But James Neuman’s “Jackie Brown Money Exchange Sequence Synchronized” re-edit reveals the clockwork precision of Tarantino’s film-making, and presents the sequences with a new kind of tense watchability:

And speaking of timing: let’s take a moment to watch the film’s opening sequence (unchanged, in this case). This 4 minute scene, and set to the glorious sounds of Bobby Womack, tells us everything about Jackie’s character we will learn on this journey with her over the next two hours: a strong, regal, desperate, determined woman, who presents a dignified air, who will run for her life, who will make it, and who will retain her gracefulness, who will, as the song goes, “do what I have to do to survive”:

Further Viewing

Among Tarantino‘s changes to Elmore Leonard‘s novel Rum Punch, from which Jackie Brown was adapted: Tarantino made the character of Jackie black. Also: on Skirt Day, “all the male members of the crew come to work in a dress” – see around the 34min mark of the 2002 making-of featurette, Jackie Brown: How It Went Down:

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