Isolation Challenges: TikTok

TikTok TikTok

Stuck at home and looking for a video challenge? Let’s hit TikTok for inspiration…

You can simply raid your wardrobe and devise some in-camera transitions:

Freeze-frame the edits to see how cleverly they’re masked – the devil is in the details:

Writing – and planning – is everything:

… and editing is everything else:

Pass-the-parcel between other creators with some exquisite corpse editing:

If your brain works this way, you can make planning and editing into production choreography:

Got a couple of wardrobe options and a green screen? Place yourself opposite some random-ass TikTok dancers:

… or, if not, simply switch up your lighting:

And if you can figure out how this was done, get at me:

Further Challenges

You can find a roundup of roundups – shooting, lighting, editing, and VFX isolation challenges – right here:

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