Film School: Intro to Info Design – part 1

Diary of a Song | The New York Times Diary of a Song | The New York Times

A look at some popular information design techniques.

Combining live action footage with 2D motion design, this episode of The New York Times’ ‘Diary of a Song’ builds its visual language just as the artists describe their building of their song (and here’s our more detailed breakdown):

But let’s go back: how do we work our way up to that level of complexity?

Visual Vocabulary – in their explainer videos on Brexit and GameStop, TLDR News shows how complex ideas are best communicated with simple shapes and repeated elements, such as the way things move, the fonts used, the colour scheme:

Visual Grammar – with more visual refinement, WGA West’s ‘Agency Conflicts of Interest’ conveys data and concepts with simple shapes:

Nesting and repetitionAyi‘s Mobile Infographics piece creates its strong visual style with consistent fonts, shapes, movements and transitions:

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