Review: I, Tonya (2018)

I, Tonya (2018) I, Tonya (2018)

A white-knuckle ride, both on and off the rink.

So much to look at here.

Exhilarating sequence design, from the breathtaking figure-skating recreations themselves, to the equally whirlwind camera work and production design of the dramatic scenes.

Dazzling performers all: the always-amazing Allison Janney, Sebastian Stan, and of course Margot Robbie‘s Tonya – textured and endearing off the rink, powerful and riveting on the rink.

The ludicrousness of the personalities (including the unreliable narrator, breaking the fourth wall to comment on the unreliable visuals) is foiled by the very visceral violence, both physical and emotional. While the film’s trailer perhaps suggests a more outrageous / black comedy tone for the film overall, it feels important while in the film for its darker moments to be handled in more sober, even sombre, ways.

It’s a white-knucke ride, both on and off the rink. I, Tonya whirlwind that you kind of need to just go along with, otherwise you start asking too many questions, about both the story and the storytelling, that threaten to tip over the whole experience – one that’s worth at least having, even if its “enjoyment” isn’t untroubled.

Further Viewing

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