Audio School: Grid Controllers

Novation Launchpad Novation Launchpad

Approaches to working with MIDI controllers with Ableton Live.

Musician and educator Thavius Beck was one of the early adopters of grid MIDI controller Novation Launchpad, as both a mixer and a music instrument. In his performances and presentations, he demonstrates ways of customizing the deceptively simple, seemingly limited interface into a highly complex and powerful tool.

Dubspot Workshop: ‘Controllers as Instruments’ w/ Ableton Live – Thavius Beck @ Decibel:

Ableton Live X Novation Launchpad (via Proaudioru):

Custom MIDI mappings: Beat Repeat (via Dubspot):

Further Viewing

Here’s an entire playlist of tips and tricks – Thavius Beck “Did you know?” Ableton Live Tips & Tricks (via Dubspot):

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