Film School: Michel Gondry ‘I’ve Been Twelve Forever’ (2004)

The Science of Sleep (2006) The Science of Sleep (2006)

Watch the full-length documentary about the director and his mind-bending work.

I’ve Been Twelve Forever is a documentary which, depending on your DVD zone (remember those?), was included in The Works of Michel Gondry (2003), a collection of director Michel Gondry‘s music videos to that time. It offers a look at the unique mind – and practical effects – behind his incredible work (via Partizan):

Further Viewing

A bunch of behind-the-scenes, video essays and notes on one of Gondry’s feature films, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004):

Years later, Gondry and Eternal Sunshine… star Jim Carrey reteam for Showtime series Kidding, which contains its own surreal production design and an astonishing single take:

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