Review: The Godfather (1972)

The Godfather (1972) The Godfather (1972)

It’s a miracle this film even exists, much less in the way it does.

For years, my deep love of the film’s dark cinematography overshadowed (heh) one of the other crucial, world-building elements of The Godfather: the work of sound designer (and influential editor) Walter Murch. Nerdwriter examines just How Walter Murch Worldized Film Sound:

Cinematographer Gordon Willis (aka “the prince of darkness”) explains how he designed the film’s iconic look around one thing: making Marlon Brando’s makeup work:

A director in debt; a studio that hated all his casting choices; a pulpy novel adaptation with low expectations… CineFix offers is as good (and short) a summary as any of the bonkers story of The Godfather getting made:

Behind The Curtain discusses the unique note-taking and novel adaptation process that went into How Francis Ford Coppola Wrote The Godfather (plus here’s the original video he samples from):

The Glass Distortion transposes Coppola’s script (and notes) onto the screen during Solozzo’s Death scene: