Review: Ghost In The Shell (1995)

Review: Ghost In The Shell (1995)

Who knows how much was lost in this English translation?

Full disclosure: I’ve only seen the English dub – and that audio is atrocious. The voice acting is hilarious (I blame the director), and by extension there is zero nuance in this story of technology and what it means to be human. The far better-paced Akira‘s English dub (which I also found hilarious, but more endearingly so) steered the themes and subtext away from the interesting religious undertones found in the original Japanese – so who knows how much was lost here. The animation is of course breathtaking – though again, I found Akria‘s more appealing – and I can only hope that the original script was worthy of such visuals.

Wuh – what synchronicity: my flatmate just walked in and asked if I’ve ever seen Ghost in the Shell. He had no idea i was writing this at this very moment. He’s just watched it for the first time – in Italian – and said the voice acting was great, and he enjoyed the hell out of it.

To be continued…

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