Review: Get Out (2017)

Review: Get Out (2017)

Rare, unique, so much more than just a horror flick – and also, just a great horror flick.

The terror begins in the real world – and the eyelines and pacing of these 60 seconds tell you everything about this (our) world, and how to watch this film:

Walking away from the open air cinema screening into the now-cold night air, i found myself trying to deconstruct certain techniques and beats i’d just witnessed in Get Out. Then I stopped once I realised what I was really doing: trying to rationalise my way out of some very visceral feelings the movie had provoked in me. Movies – particularly horror and suspense thrillers – almost never get through to me on the level(s) that Get Out did, and I was clearly not used to that and trying to talk myself out of an experience, and clearly a rare and unique one at that.

Even without spoilers, does one need to be conditioned to watch this movie the “right” way? To have at least an idea of director Jordan Peele‘s background?

I’m going to wait to write about this movie, and in the meantime take the advice of Peele and watch it a second time:

“The audience does the work of the original ending”

The confirmation of the other screenwriters at The Hollywood Reporter round table this round table is the sound of an artist who understands exactly what they’ve created:

Further Viewing

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