Film School: Fix It In Post

5 Video Mistakes & How to Fix Them in Post | Parker Walbeck 5 Video Mistakes & How to Fix Them in Post | Parker Walbeck

Ways to work with less-than-ideal footage in your edit.

If you’ve had to edit footage that was shot poorly, work with audio that was recorded badly, or piece together incomplete coverage, your eyes probably narrow whenever you hear someone utter those fateful words: “We’ll fix it in post”. Unfortunately, so much of post-production is about making less-than-ideal material work.


Landon Bytheway looks at how to fix problems such as incorrect white balance, poorly-exposed footage, shutter speed, shaky footage, and peaking audio (via Parker Walbeck):

More on scopes here:


Camilo CastaƱeda applies the standard tools for basic good audio (multiband compressor, DeEsser, Parametric EQ and denoise), but in emergency surgery mode:

DOD Media deals with a very specific, but very common, problem – RF (radio frequency) interference:

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Of course, the best way to avoid many of these problems at the post-production stage is to get them right at the production stage, by managing your exposure and capturing audio properly: