Film School: Filming Alone

'How to shoot a film ALONE!' | D4Darious 'How to shoot a film ALONE!' | D4Darious

Since long before lockdowns, quarantines and isolation, film-makers have had to be as independent as imaginable. Here’s a roundup of tutorials to show you how.


D4Darious talks all aspects of no-budget narrative film-making – including how to shoot a film alone, with the help of… Will Smith?

Cinecom offers these camera tips when filming alone:

Cinematographer and documentarian Mark Bone offers these four tips for filming by yourself:

Here’s a detailed look at how Joe Simon made his self-shot sci-fi film, The Volunteer (via Film Riot):

Vlog / YouTube

There are so many “how to YouTube” videos out there, covering everything from gear and strategies to managing your brand and your personal expectations. These two focus on how to make things efficient on the technical side. Caleb Pike builds a high quality, budget-friendly setup:

… while Camera Conspiracies shows you don’t need to be technically outstanding to optimise your workflow and generate more content:

Household Hacks

Practice improving the quality of your visuals with YCImaging‘s hacks using household items:

Further Viewing

All set up, but not sure what to shoot? Here’s a roundup of Isolation Video Challenges:

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