Film School: Whitewashing in Hollywood

A collection of short videos on Hollywood’s troubled history with race.

An Unfortunate History of White Actors Playing Other Races (Source: ScreenCrush)

Whitewashing: John Oliver asks, “How Is This Still A Thing?” (Source: Last Week Tonight)

White actors playing Asian characters is still a thing – just ask Constance Wu. Here’s a look back at just how long, and the ways in which, it has been a thing. (Source: Vox)

Further reading:

  • Colour Film vs Dark Skin – even the very technology of film has ingrained, institutionalised racism – here’s a video essay from Vox about it.
  • #StarringJohnCho – what if a major Hollywood film replaced one white leading actor with Asian actor Johnathan Cho? It’s a fun way to start “a necessary conversation”. Read about the viral campaign, then check out the official website.

Featured image via ontapblog