Film School: The Motion Design of Vox

Film School: The Motion Design of Vox

Inspiring examples of limited animation in video reporting.

Estelle Caswell combines handmade, digital, graphic and typographic elements which echo the visual aesthetic of the classic jazz records referenced in this report:

Another example where the subject matter influences the visual aesthetic – if an exploration of design in the ’80s doesn’t warrant the use of fluorescent gradients and squiggly lines, what does?

Here’s Estelle again, communicating concepts about music production in general and an analysis of one producer’s style specifically. The duality of gritty images versus clean vectors, handwriting versus text, speaks simultaneously to beginners and experts (and it even manages to sneak in references and photo credits without crowding the frame):

Christophe Haubursin and Amanda Northrop explain abstract concepts through stylised motion graphics. The more complex and in-depth the research discussed, the flatter the design, the more repetitive the motifs in composition and movement help to orientate the viewer:

We look further into Vox’s specifically infographic-driven videos here.

Watch more from Vox on YouTube.

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